Intern #6: "My mother should be very proud."

Interns, how we love thee. Our exit interviews with them are getting quite popular, so meet the latest in the long line of illustrious handypeople: Natalie Chai.

Natalie came to us from the land of Taylor's College, and in the short two-plus months she has been here, she has mixed with the older folk, helped to compile Malaysian's most favourite non-issues, and written about useless gadgets and deworming. As we've done with all other interns before her, this is her answers to our Intern Exit Q&A–along with a very special video, thanks to Intern #5.

ESQUIRE MALAYSIA: What’s your favourite moment in Esquire?
NATALIE CHAI: I really loved organising the "Sartorial Seniors" shoot for our January 2013 Issue. I especially love working with seniors because I feel they are so sincere. It was also their first-ever shoot, so I enjoyed being with them during their experience. The emotions, excitement and everything was very raw. Seeing them being happy made me very happy!

ESQ: Least favourite moment?
NC: This is a hard one. Probably having to shift my seat several times, further and further apart from my team. There isn’t really anything that I least like about being here–I have a thing for being busy, even if it means “slave work”, which I really love [Editor: Future companies, take note]. I like to feel useful [laughs].

ESQ: So, what did you learn?
NC: My mother should be very proud of this one–brand names! I was never the fashionista to start off with, and have almost been blind from brands. Now that I’ve been here, I go out to malls and go “Hey, that’s the brand Jason (our fashion editor) mentioned!”

ESQ: Advice you’d pass to the next intern.
NC: You must try the takeaway from the van opposite the office building, it rhymes with Hard Rock. Ask the team, they’ll know. As for being in the team? Really, just let yourself go and not set expectations of what you think you should do or not do. Then you’ll end up leaving as a happy and content girl like me!

ESQ: This is a question from our previous intern: Do you think you could sing a song for us in Korean?
NC: Luckily for Esquire and Julien (the previous intern), I have a thing for music–but I don’t guarantee to be good at it.

ESQ: Give us a question you want the next intern to answer.
NC: If you could give each of the Esquire team one superpower, what would it be?

If you're interested in interning with us, do email our editor-in-chief Sam at We promise to train you in every aspect of working for a mag–there will be loads of crazy stuff you'll do (ie. make a tombstone), but we will also zero in on your writing, interviewing and other important skills. Come, join the dark side. We promise: you'll do more than make coffee. Much more.

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