Intern #5: "I could just say yo a lot."

Ah, interns: The lifeblood of magazines (next to advertising clients and coffee). We love them to death, and we get rather close to them in a legal way. So meet intern number five: Julien Bernstein.

Julien's from Canada, and after finishing his secondary school education at ISKL, he wanted to deep-dive into the world of journalism and see if what he found interested him. So we've sent him out for interviews, asked him to video women in their underwear, and charged him with a mini project for our January No Issue Issue, which you will see soon enough. As he leaves us, we asked him to undergo our Intern Exit Q&A. Over to you, oh Afro-ed one:

ESQUIRE: What’s your favourite moment in Esquire?
JULIEN BERNSTEIN: I think my favourite moment was when I got to interview Spector. It was cool to feel like a real journalist and interview a successful band.

ESQ: Least favourite moment?
Making the books for Esquire Malaysia.

ESQ: So, what did you learn?
JB: I got to see what it’s like to be a journalist, and how the industry works, how photo shoots work, and how much editing has to be done. Even if it has been checked over five times, you can still find slight mistakes and things to change. [Editor nods sadly]

ESQ: Advice you’d pass to the next intern.  
JB: Enjoy the opportunity to work with such a cool group of people. Work hard and do all the tasks they ask you to do, but also most importantly, have fun.

ESQ: This is a question from our previous intern: If you could impersonate one of our team member’s character quirk, who it would be, what would it be, and how would you do it?
JB: Hmm… good question. Maybe Eugene [our deputy editor]? I could just say ‘yo’ a lot.

ESQ: Give us a question you want the next intern to answer.
JB: Do you think you could sing a song for us in Korean?

If you're interested in interning with us, do email our editor-in-chief Sam at We promise to train you in every aspect of working for a mag - there will be loads of crazy stuff you'll do (ie. make a tombstone), but we will also zero in on your writing, interviewing and other important skills. Come, join the dark side. We promise: you'll do more than make coffee. Much more.

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