Four DJs read 'Fifty Shades of Grey'

Four radio personalities muster the courage to come out from behind their microphones and into the bright lights of fashion. And then, we make them read Fifty Shades of Grey. Such troopers, these people.

Our four DJs - Terry Ong from Red FM, Kevin Chong from TRAXXfm, Arnold Loh from and Jeff Sandhu from BFM - were part of our February Issue photoshoot. But on the side, we asked each of them to use their muscular, deep, pick-up-worthy voice to inject life into the 15-second famous EL James novel. If you haven't heard about Fifty Shades... well. Maybe George Takei from Star Trek will help with that.

Away with it, boys:

For the results of our photoshoot, get our February 15 Seconds of Fame Issue, out now in newsstands and as a digital edition. Photographs by Simon Chin. Styling by Jason Lim. Photographs produced by Studio Pashe. Art Direction by Rebecca Chew. Hair and grooming by Shawn Goh. Song: "Tory's Dance" by Alice in Neverland.

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