The No Issue issue (Jan 2013)

Welcome to the January No Issue Issue. What does that mean? Do people really have no issue with traffic jams? We freestyle our way to the beginning of a new year, while still keeping our insanity unchecked. Inside, you'll find first, a rare, no-holds barred interview with the reclusive...:

Daniel Day-Lewis
The greatest actor of our generation is ready for his close-up. Don't be scared.
By Alejandro Ortiz "Matu"

50 Things No Man Should Be Without This Year
Includes the Wii U, Converse boots, Kate Upton and PSY in KL.
Edited by Johnny Davis

A Woman We Love: Maya Karin
The biggest star in the land cares about so much more.
By Jon Chew

It's a Beautiful Life
Two men. Two realities. Two ways of living? Maybe
By Lau Chak Onn

Dominic Lau
Asia's ultimate no-issue's man is living the life you want.
By Sam Coleman

What I've Learned: Jason Lo
Is it good news for the music-loving J Lo?
Interviewed by Eugene Phua

What I've Learned: Tommy Lee Jones
The everyman of Hollywood gets serious - just a little.
Interviewed by Scott Raab

Style: Sartorial Seniors
The elderly teach us a thing or two about swagger and life.

Style: Prints Incognito
New year, new you, new dash of colour and crazy.

Plus a photo essay that makes plastic dolls look... scary. Our Funny Joke, featuring Football Overload's own Michelle Lee. Our regular "Man at His Best columnists" such as Gavin Yap, Fay Khoo, John Lim, and Joanne Kam writing their little tush out. And "Style File", a "Esquire 10" that turns stone statues into mannequins, "The Manual" and a Thousand Words by our MAHB: Book columnist Umpagan Ampikaipakan on "Malaysian standards". The issue is at all major newsstands and bookshops, so hurry down, buy an issue. Please, take two, or three. And let's start 2013 with a hearty bang. Here's to a new year!

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