Future Music Asia 2013: PSY, The Prodigy, Fun

Our January No Issue Issue lists down 50 things no man should be without this year - and undoubtedly, one of them should be a ticket to Future Music Festival Asia. We talk to the man behind it, and ask him to give us an FMFA 2013 soundtrack to remember.

Rahul Kukreja is the Director for Live Events for Livescape Asia, the organisers responsible for bringing down FMFA. He is also the guitarist for the head-banging group One Buck Short, so dude has music coming out of every pore. We asked him for the songs he is looking forward to in this year's amazing FMFA line-up (March 15 and 16. Bookmark those dates):

ESQUIRE: The three songs you are absolutely dying to hear at FMFA 2013 are...
RAHUL KUKREJA: I hate to say this, but I am really looking forward to seeing the invisible horse dance done live... and of course, having Soju shots with the man himself. [Editor: And here we...]

Besides this, The Prodigy's "Invaders Must Die" and fun. with "We Are Young". Prodigy is bringing their full live set to FMFA, so expect total chaos when they come on. With fun., it's a band that I've followed for a while now, and their very last show of this whole tour and album run is our show at FMFA, so it's going to be very special.

ESQ: The one song you may not be so eager to hear would be...
RK: Honestly, I'm very happy with our lineup this year, even though we haven't announced the two stages yet. Don't think there is a song I am not eager to hear, although I only managed to catch a total of 30 minutes of actual performances last year, and will probably be too busy to watch any of the acts this time around as well. That's the worse part of our job, not having to catch the amazing music we spend millions on! 
ESQ: The one song you hope will be your slow jam of the festival would be...
RK: The Temper Trap, "Sweet Disposition". I got to work with them when they played at Laneway in Singapore and have been friends with the guys since. Great band with an amazing vocalist.

ESQ: The one act you think people will be surprised with at the festival is...
RK: Feed Me. They have an amazing light show, and he's bringing the infamous "Teeth" show over. He's going to blow people away.

ESQ: The one act you think will define your personal FMFA 2013 experience would be...
RK: Bloc Party. They've never been to this part of the world, and I know their set is going to be filled with hit after hit.

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For more information on tickets for Future Music Festival Asia, go to their website here or visit their Facebook page. Interview by Jon Chew.

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