Topping the charts

US Billboard chart surfer Gerard Singh creates an exclusive Esquire jingle on the spot. Read more

Non gin-eric spirit

Yes. Scotland makes gin too. Read more

It’s Dama time

and we know what that means: excellent Cantonese entertainment with theatrics bar none. I Have a Date with Spring leaps to life again. Read more

The future

Bin your cash and expand your portfolio to include crypto currencies. Read more

The future of…work

Think less security, more The Big Lebowski. Read more

The future of...memory

Forgetting keeps the mind clean. But are the memories actually there, waiting to be accessed when and if we choose? Read more

Esquire X Mensa final week

The last day of April brings the final two questions of our Mensa challenge. Read more

Everything is illuminated

Singapore Ballet Theatre makes its pilgrimage to KLPac for eager dance fans with a new performance, Ballet Illuminations. Read more