Do we love Malaysia enough?

Do Malaysians love Malaysia enough to make a change for the better? Read more

Kreative in Ipoh

Ipoh Kreative, an arts festival that joins forces with Ipoh-based venues to provide a platform for local performers and artists, happens this weekend in Ipoh, Perak. Read more

Malcolm on top

Saddle up as Esquire takes a ride in Beijing with Malcolm Borwick at the Royal Salute Polo Cup. Read more

Into the woods to take a dump/ take a dump/ take a dump

The latest Disney movie tries too hard for too many and ends up with an all-star flop. Read more

Food, (un)glorious food

Collectively, our total annual organic waste is enough to fill both Petronas Twin Towers at least 50 times over. How do we curb our propensity for wastage once and for all? Read more

New year resolution challenge: create a home compost

While you're still in the resolutions-making mode, consider also reducing your carbon printóusing this fuss-free, low-maintenance composting method. Read more

300: Rise of an empire

Esquire ventures into the region of Cognac to learn about the making of Martell Premier Voyage, a limited edition cognac 300 years in the making. Read more

Bastille in KL

Bastille, who was in KL last weekend, took a little time out to chat with Esquire about being eaten alive by Noel Gallagher, the Grammys and sexy fan fiction. Read more