Pastel Lite: "I wanted us to be called Pastel Daggers"

Amongst our list of the 50 things no man should miss out on this year in our January No Issue Issue was a ditty on a band to watch: the electric fantastic sounds of Pastel Lite.

Pastel Lite is a band consisting of Eff and Faliq, and the KL-based duo has been the talk of the local music industry for their special musical flavour. Despite being relatively new, the band has already enjoyed success in their career, with gigs at Urbanscapes and even Singapore. Their music involves a mass of synth pop and electronica, but Eff and Faliq tap into to a wide range of sounds. Find out who their inspirations are, or why they’d choose to to be Tomyam:

ESQUIRE MALAYSIA: You named yourselves Pastel Lite because you thought your music was going to be “pure and innocent” but your music has changed direction gradually. If given a chance, what would you rename yourselves to be?
EFF: I wanted us to be called Pastel Daggers at one point.
FALIQ: Catdog sounds cool.

ESQ: If your music were to be compared to a dish, what would it be?
PASTEL LITE: TomYam. Because there's a lot of things in it, it's spicy, it's wet and it taste good. Especially the ones you'll get in Sri Rampai.

ESQ: What is the one thing that you would like to add to your career now?
F: I want to be an archeologist because I love to dig up things.
E:I probably would want to be a full-time gamer and stay at home and play Left 4 Dead all day.

ESQ: What has been your most memorable fan encounter so far?
PL: It would have to be during last year's Urbanscapes. A guy walked up to us and asked for an autograph. We looked at him and asked, "Are you sure?", 'cos we thought that there will be no way anyone would want our autographs, at least not at this point yet; we're basically newbies. We considered it to be a prank as well and we said, " You're funny". But he looked at us with this serious look and we learnt by then that he was for real. Later that night he tweeted bout it so it wasn't in fact a joke. It was the strangest moment of our lives so far.

ESQ: How has Pastel Lite affected your own personal lives?
PL: Well, we're both single now. [laughs] Kidding, it doesn't to affect us much. We eventually became busier and more exhausted, but it was expected with being in a band. Faliq's focusing hard to maintain balance between college and Pastel Lite. While Eff is busy doing her freelance design thing. Overall, things hasn't changed that much. Or so we hoped.

ESQ: Name us one artist that has inspired Pastel Lite to really get into the music scene?
E: Mine would have to be Zee Avi, Yuna, and also a bunch of my friends in the metal scene.
F: The artiste that got me into the music would have to be Damon Albarn but if locally, it would have to be Mohd Jayzuan and the Projek Rabak crew.

ESQ: Choose one song both of you specially love to perform.
PL: The Vines, "Autumn Shade". Because that seem to be one of the many rare songs we both seem to like together.

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Words and interview by Natalie Chai.

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