Best of 2012: Fuad Alhabshi on local songs (part 2)

You have to admit: there's a whole lotta music out there. So we are putting out a second part to our favourite local songs of 2012. For this, we asked a frontman who is leading the Malaysian charge: Fuad Alhabshi of Kyoto Protocol.

Formed in 2008, the band has garnered a huge following over the years with their The Clash-influenced garage rock sound. Last year, they released their own five-track album (ironically titled An Album), and opened for MGMT as well. So as the band gets set to go places, we asked Fuad to give us his favourite local tracks of the year. Put on the headphones, and let's get banging: 

"My Life as a Film"
OJ Law
Why: And that film would be Judge Dredd: "I AM THE LAW". 


Why: 'Cos the name sounds gory. Being a lovely dischordant mess of horns is just a bonus.

"Generation S.O.S."
Love Me Butch

Why: It goes together perfectly with my M.E.E. I have a secret desire to play backup guitar with them on this track.

"Running Precedents"
Son Of Age

Why: The Sarawakian Kanye West, minus the diva attitude (thank god).

"Party Animal"
K-Town Clan

Why: It's The Fam once again, and we be doing the music like the K-Town Clan!

"Double Black Whiskey"

Why: Wait. "Whiskey" or "Whisky"?

"We're Here"

Why: Fuyo!

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