Hit & Mrs

They say a good week is when you meet an interesting new friend. Ben Yong, BIG Group head and F&B wunderkind, is a new BFF and with all his ancillary projects raging, a good person to know for alternative food and drink kicks. Like his brand new joint: Hit & Mrs.

The yet to be opened anti-bar will be the talk of the scenester town when it hits. Hit & Mrs will be up near Jalan Liku, near the NST building, a hip area that’s been up-and-coming as of late. Hit & Mrs is Ben's lovechild, a smaller side project that adds to his portfolio of innovation and fun more than a barn-burner money wise. Along with his rampant pace of start-ups be that restaurants or grocery stores, it is a but a comma. But sentences are rendered grammatical with such commas and in that sense, Hit and Mrs makes perfect sense.

It’s retro Malaya meets Hollywood indie cool, a cocktail bar in the hippest sense. It has an old, ‘50s style bar with P Ramlee and Rose Chan memorabilia plastered throughout. Farah, the conceptualist who’s come up with all this, gets excited that the details were noticed. “Oh! That was so hard to find! I found it at Amcorp Mall, down in the basement. The guy was very reluctant to sell me these Rose Chan repros. ‘It’s pretty illegal so be careful!’ he warned me!” she exclaims, charmed by the fact that someone would be worried about such old porn in the age of mobile, on-demand hardcore. It looks great, the way she’s plied on the concrete in just the right way and added the touches like the lamps made from cut crystal decanters and the green tiles that run halfway up the wall and of course the vintage furniture pieces.

We love all the referencing, even the modern layer of the coolness of this hood and how they want to position this as a retro, vintage experience ala the trend in the West. This place will be filled with tattooed hipsters making documentaries, with relaxed boho media execs discovering it. It’s nice to see all that before it becomes the rage, the place to be.

Hit & Mrs
15 Lorong Kurau

Words by Sam Coleman. You can also catch our special story on Benjamin Yong in our December Yam Seng Issue, out in newsstands soon.

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