2013: Burger Kaw Kaw

We are continuing our list of things to look forward to in 2013 (as we delved into in our January No Issue Issue) with a look at burgers to die for: the monstrous beauties from Burger Kaw Kaw.

Burgers are pushing through roof tiles in popularity, climbing to its peak in the Malaysian food scene. One of the established few, Burger Kaw Kaw has been seeing its name plastered all over the social media through blogs, Twitter and Facebook. What really is the big deal with Burger Kaw Kaw?

The founders Zul and Nita set up the store in 2011, promising to only use homemade patties. Every patty is measured to an exact weight of 180 grams, grilled above lava stones, ensuring every inch of it is cooked to perfection. For an adventurous meal, we’d highly advise you to try the Baconizer Cheesy beef burger. The bestseller houses multiple layers of bacon and cheese. That’s heaven for your insides (and maybe hell for your bowels). Beware:  the tallest serving on the menu is a ten-tier burger. However, they have attempted to serve a 20-tier burger in a single serving once. Imagine the amount of melted cheese gliding down that building of patties. Mmm. Cheese...

To note: Burger Kaw Kaw doesn’t have the marble-tiled floors or white-painted walls of a fine dining restaurant. Also, be prepared to expect a queue upon arrival, as the chefs take their time trying to make the best out of each serving. You’d be surprised the amount of people who would wait up to an hour for these burgers. You should too.

The main branch is located at Seksyen 2, Wangsa Maju whereas the other one is at Lokas Makana Food Court, Puchong Utama. They have a variety of twenty burgers for you to salivate over. We say, make sure you down some water in between chowing down a 10 patty-tall juicy Burger Kaw Kaw. Something to help wash down the immense calories and proteins you'll be packing in.

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Words by Natalie Chai. Photograph by Amir Rashid.

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