Malaysians boleh!

Think what you want about Malaysia’s politics economy or recent disasters. At least in the software department its people kick butt. To prove this point, Esquire had the opportunity to be a part LiTV’s new show, Tastemakers. Read more

Beckham in the wild

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Three things we learned watching The Fault in Our Stars

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Dead or alive?

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Prada at the movies

I just can’t quit you,” said fashion to film. Or was it the other way round? Look at Prada's handiwork in Wes Anderson's latest: The Grand Budapest Hotel. Read more

Ready, steady, cook.

How The Boy (from Malaysia) Who Ate the World became a reality TV star—alongside the likes of Anthony Bourdain and Nigella Lawson, no less. Read more

Susan Lankester: "I chose to disappear and become a hermit for a while"

The veteran actress is back in Gavin Yap's film Take Me to Dinner, and she’s bringing "something solid" with her—her words, not ours. Read more

Film to watch: Take Me to Dinner

Male-bonding and mayhem (fair enough, seems like they go hand in hand). Then throw in a little love and a cast of ageing hitmen and what do you get? Read more