Best of 2012: Beer Ads

If you can count on anything in the advertising world, it'll be that the best ads often deal with booze. Some of the funniest commercials around have lots of alcohol in them; with that said, here are the top beer ads of 2012.

"Beer Chase"
Carlton Draught

Why: When it was released, Huffington Post anointed this as the best beer ad of 2012, and who are we to argue? The commercial follows a group of buddies running away from cops, through police barriers, and then a grand finale that involves bridge-jumping and a yacht. Did we mention this is all done without spilling a drop of beer? Too bad we couldn't pull this off in real life even if we had a jet-pack strapped and gymnastic-elastic limbs.

"Will Ferrell Super Bowl"
Old Milwaukee

Why: Old Milwaukee got Will Ferrell to endorse their beer. But because Super Bowl airtime can be dead expensive, Old Milwaukee only bought 31 seconds of it. And used it... wisely.

"Super Goes In"

Why: It’s nice to see where your beer comes from and how it is made. It's especially nice to know that the Hahn Super Dry beer I'm drinking cascaded over a mountain of trophies.

"Flash Fans"
Budweiser Canada
Not all beer commercials are made for a laugh. This one brings out the softie in all of us; a sweet tale of minor league ice hockey players being surprised by a flash mob of fans. The commercial was played in Canada during this year’s Super Bowl and soon became a favourite. Hard not to see why.

"The Perfect Date"
An unlimited amount of Heineken, a dash of Bollywood music, and one attractive woman. Each a vital ingredient for a good night, according to Heineken, and we think they have the perfect recipe. We're all after a party to remember and the shenanigans that accompany such a night; we toast in agreement to that, Heinies.

 "The Great Escape"
It's not a TV ad per se; but still, it's a dream to die for. Argentinian beer Andes helps men escape functions that make them want to poke a nail in their brain. Now that's a wingman we would drink to.

Words by Julien Bernstein.

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