Kelunding: conversations with the city

Kelunding, which means "keluhan dinding", is a visual documentation of KL street prose. Read more

Ian Doescher at the Cooler Lumpur Festival 2015

We sit down with Ian Doescher, an author coming to the Cooler Lumpur Festival this month, to discuss his collision of Shakespeare and Star Wars. Read more

Born and raised in Old Town

Francis Yip started jotting down notes and memories of her childhood years in Ipoh when her mother was diagnosed with cancer. Ten years later, those notes were turned into a book. Read more

Journalism is not dead

Every day, journalists from around the world risk their lives to tell stories exposing wrongdoing, so the rest us will sit up and pay attention. Read more

Way down in the hole

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5 books for every man

Five books every man should read, according to Tan Twan Eng, Man Asian Literary Prize-winning author of The Garden of Evening Mists. Read more

Shih-Li Kow: Malaysia lacks contemporary writers

Why you should read Shih-Li Kow's latest book, and the author herself on the book she would save from a Fahrenheit 451 fate, among other things. Read more

Miguel Syjuco: "I'm a perpetual outsider”

We speak to the Filipino novelist as he looks back on his debut novel's success and the joys and pains of writing ahead of his appearance at the Cooler Lumpur Festival this weekend. Read more