Ramli Ibrahim and the MPO

When the worlds of orchestra music and dance collide, an unforgettable performance is created. Read more

Kinetic sculptures by Bob Potts

Bob Potts captures nature's grace in detail with metal, wood and what-nots. Read more

Annie Leibovitz: A Photographer's Life

She is the eye behind some of the world's most controversial photos. An exhibition of her work dating from 1990 to 2005 begins on April 18 at Singapore's ArtScience Museum. Read more

Nigel Hurst: "Go with your instincts and use your eyes"

The Prudential Malaysian Eye exhibition is taking up residence in KL this month. The Saatchi Gallery CEO, who had a hand in its curation, tells us why it's important. Read more

The Planet of the Apeks

Our resident humour columnist Kuah Jenhan on why some apeks are more equal than others, also coming to a theatre near you. Read more

Paiman's A La Carte: a retrospective

This artist's work may look like a child's drawings lining the hallway of a primary school, but there's a lot more to it than meets the eye. Read more

When Boey met Esky

What happened when Boey met Esquire's mascot? As told by Boey himself. Read more

Rishi Budhrani: "Top comics can come from anywhere in the world"

This Singaporean funny man, who will be joining our own Dr Jason Leong and other comedians in a show in PJ this week, chats to us about what it takes to be world-class in the funny lane. Read more