Esquire's Superkam! comic—in full!

For the intrepid Esquire reader, you'd have noticed that for the past seven issues, we have been trotting out a comic based on the (dreamy) life of Joanne Kam, our MAHB: Sex columnist. Now, view all seven comic strips right here in one place!

Thanks to the help of writer/crazy dude Gavin Yap and illustrator/art dude Chee Yang Ong (also known as "Chee), we managed to flesh out a photoshoot concept with Joanne into a Superkam! comic involving your favourite comedienne, bed innuendos and pop culture potshots. Spare some minutes, laugh like it's the best medicine, and then, go and save the world. It's the least you owe us.

Words by Gavin Yap. Illustrations by Chee Yang Ong.

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