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Esquire celebrates what it means to be a man in the 21st century. Through narrative storytelling, ground-breaking photography and a touch of irreverence, Esquire has become a platform where the intellectually curious and the socially aware meet. Since it was founded in 1933, Esquire has been known for pushing the boundaries, with literary giants such as Ernest Hemingway, F.Scott Fitzgerald and Norman Mailer finding their voice with the magazine.

Esquire Malaysia, founded in 2011, presents you with a formidable lineup of distinguished local contributors and ambitious ideas that, we hope, provides a thought-provoking experience. We're also passionate about sharing the unique culture of Esquire to Malaysian men through exclusive events and interactive online content, so watch out for announcements through our Instagram, Facebook and Twitter accounts.


KAM RASLAN, Acting Editor-in-Chief
Email: kraslan@mongooseasia.com
Kam Raslan is a writer and radio broadcaster who originally worked in film. He has a long-running column in The Edge, has written a novel, Confessions of an Old Boy and is currently writing a non-fiction study of the 1890s. Kam Raslan writes a lot, and now he’s here.

LEONG WONG, Watch Editor
Email: lwong@mongooseasia.com
Leong has been watch-less for many years, as every brand has their own vantage points. But he also dreams of owning his own home, so it will have to be a slow and painful process in deciding which matters more. Perhaps, given the ridiculous property prices around town, he should just put all his money on the watches he likes. 

SHERMIAN LIM, Senior Writer/Web Editor
Email: slim@mongooseasia.com
Shermian is tickled that for a non-fashion person who’d rather spend on travel and good meals, she’s ended up smack in the middle of all the action. She’s a hardcore journalism nerd who’s spent a chunk of time traipsing about overseas, but recently returned to Malaysia (no regrets!) in search of good local stories.

IAN LOH, Associate Fashion Editor
Email: iloh@mongooseasia.com
Ian loves a good drink as much as he loves fashion. So much in fact, the team appoints him as "Esquire's Designated Drinker". But for Ian, fashion always comes first. Look out for his styling work and local fashion musings.

REBECCA CHEW, Art Director
Email: rchew@mongooseasia.com
Rebecca would rather talk about music and books than describe her occupation. If pressed, she would say she's a graphic designer who worked with Off The Edge magazine before landing in Esquire. She has also written music reviews and short stories, both of which require short bios.

KATHRYN TAN, Associate Art Director
Email: ktan@mongooseasia.com
Kathryn joined in July 2011. With 13 years of experience in publishing, she’s a pillar of strength in the Esquire newsroom ever since. Don't ask her to print anything unless it's really really—can't stress this enough—really really necessary, unless you want an impassioned lecture on how humanity is killing the environment. Kathryn lives in KL with Pat and Wong, her two dogs.