About Esquire

Esquire celebrates what it means to be a man in the 21st century. Through strong storytelling, ground-breaking photography and a touch of irreverence, Esquire has become a junction where the intellectually curious and the socially aware meet. Since it was founded in 1933, Esquire has been known for pushing the boundaries, with literary giants such as Ernest Hemingway, F.Scott Fitzgerald and Norman Mailer finding their voice with the magazine.

With over 20 editions globally, Esquire welcomes the newest addition to the family: Esquire Malaysia.

We're excited about putting Esquire into the palm of your hand. We've lined up a host of distinguished local contributors and have many ambitious ideas lined up, and we believe you will find Esquire Malaysia a thought-provoking experience. We're also passionate about sharing the unique culture of Esquire to Malaysian men through exclusive events and interactive online content, so watch out for announcements through our Facebook and Twitter accounts.


SAM COLEMAN, Editor-in-Chief
Email: scoleman@mongooseasia.com
A wandering troubadour of English language media, Sam has been an international editor across continents and countries, delving into lifestyle publications such as Expatriate Lifestyle and indie weeklies like Amsterdam Weekly or Budapest Week, as well as titles like Time Out KL and countless projects he'd appreciate not being reminded of. His high point (also his low) was interviewing porn star Ron Jeremy in a limousine - along with a live goat. Don't ask.

EUGENE PHUA, Managing Editor
Email: ephua@mongooseasia.com
You wouldn’t want to have a pint with him, but Eugene is perfectly fine with that, because he’s a lightweight anyway. Eugene ignited his journalism career in high school, nurtured it in university and established it in Malaysia. He enjoys making magazines, interviewing people and reading comic books.

LEONG WONG, Watch Editor
Email: lwong@mongooseasia.com
Leong has constantly looked for that elusive and perfect spot to roost, which has resulted in him going around the block a few times and rarely staying put in one place for too long. A constant cynic but forever an optimist, he's been a keen sartorialist from the day he was able to differentiate between pants and skirts.

EMILY DING, Associate Editor
Email: eding@mongooseasia.com
Despite studying to join the ranks of horse-hair-wigged defenders of justice, Emily backtracked her way to her dream job as a kid after watching Brooke Shields as Brenda Starr—living from story to story and doing seemingly impossibly interesting things. She exhibits extreme bibliophilic and cinephilic behaviour and—as an unwitting by-product of our times—nostalgia for places she's never been.

REBECCA CHEW, Art Director
Email: rchew@mongooseasia.com
Rebecca would rather talk about music and books than describe her occupation. If pressed, she would say she's a graphic designer who worked with Off The Edge magazine before landing in Esquire. She has also written music reviews and short stories, both of which require short bios. Obviously, as this shows, she isn't very good at writing in the third person.

JASON LIM, Fashion Editor
Email: jlim@mongooseasia.com
Jason’s least favourite words are “dapper”, “dandy”, “sprezzy”, and “moist”. His is a “less-is-more” approach to fashion and he believes in the elegance of subtlety and in quality over quantity, except when it comes to shoes. With shoes, one must have both.

IAN LOH, Fashion Writer
Email: iloh@mongooseasia.com
Esquire's new fashion writer loves a drink as much as he loves fashion, so much so that the boss appoints him as "Esquire's Designated Drinker". But for Ian, fashion always comes first. Look out for his styling work and local fashion musings.